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Marije Terluin

I went to experience the SunnaSmile in-studio whitening. I have never whitened my teeth before and have very discoloured teeth as a side-effect from percription drugs when I was younger. I was not expecting the results that I saw! I went in with very low expectations and ended up walking out with the At-home whitening kit as well! Presley did an amazing job of explaining everything and making me feel really comfortable. I can't believe the results considering it was only 20 minutes. I'm obsessed

- Jenn A

Great Results

Marije Terluin

Tried out the White & Glow package: well worth it! Quick and easy session. So pleased with the results of both the teeth whitening and tan

- H.M. 

Well done

Marije Terluin

Good service. Awesome knowledge. Went through whole process with ease and care! I am so happy with it. Pawg

- Glen Hawker

Pretty unexpected

Marije Terluin

At their open house and ended up buying and booking my teeth and tan for the next week to test for my social and wedding that are upcoming. The teeth took no more than 25 mins total and the spray tan was roughly 40 mins start to finish. I can't say enough good things! I'm so impressed!!! The tanning product smelled so lovely!! I believe the beauitful blonde girl who tanned me was Presley, was very informative and kind. It Turned out amazing and I'm a customer for life! ❤️️ Thank you so much

- Danielle B

Very impressed

Marije Terluin

I came in for the White and Glow service before my brother's wedding and came out looking great! The girl who was conducting the services was very helpful, attentive and professional. She helped me pick out a desirable tanning shade that would both suit my skin tone and to cater to the event. The tan itself was an even, long lasting and natural looking glow. Very happy with the results.

- P.H.

Great business, great people!

Marije Terluin

I just had my teeth whitened and am so happy with the results! I have tried several different types of whitening treatments in the past and all have left my gums irritated or didn't whiten my bonding in my front teeth. This treatment was totally non irritating and I love that I can keep up with maintenance at home with the take home kit afterwards! The staff are all very friendly and super knowledgeable!

- Anna P


Marije Terluin

is how I feel after getting the organic tan and teeth whitening. Shauna is awesome and makes you feel so comfortable - plus always has a smile on. Great customer service and you even get to shop for makeup and other products while you're there! One stop, feel good shop! You rock!

- Jenni Morin


Marije Terluin

Great service, great results for Sunna smile, equal if not better results to the $400 laser whitening I've had at dentists. Really friendly, on time. Sending my partner for teeth whitening too! Would go back for sure.

- Review

Tan & Teeth

Marije Terluin

Great customer service and amazing results. What more can you ask for? My tan is even and she knew exactly the colour I wanted! My teeth turned out amazing as well.Thanks organic tan!

- Eden N


Marije Terluin

It was my first time ever getting a spray tan or teeth whitening & it was amazing! i felt very comfortable and welcomed and i loved the turn out of not only the tan(which looked so natural and left me with the realization of how yucky white i was before) but the teeth whitening too!Highly recommend to anyone! The teeth whitening in shop was also awesome , the results were nearly instant and it only took 15 minutes!Will definitely be returning! Also,accommodating methods of payment :) THANK YOU!

- Brandi C